Old Republic National Title Insurance Company has filed new title insurance premium rates with the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. These rates are effective October 1, 2012. An important part of these new rates is that agents, will not be allowed to bid projects or deviate from these rates.

The RATE SHEET makes calculating title insurance premiums easy, and allows customers to manage compliance issues by reducing the potential for misinterpretation and miscalculations. The new filed rates are reasonable and realistic to Wisconsin’s market and are significantly lower than the rates filed more than 20 years ago. Wisconsin title insurance industry still boasts some of the lowest rates in the nation and remains committed to providing Wisconsin consumers with high-quality insurance products at affordable rates. For a quicker premium determination, use our RATE CALCULATOR to determine your policy premium. Contact us with any questions at 715-623-4770.

Langlade Abstract and Title Co. Inc. values your business.  We are confident that the new rate filing will serve both the real estate and lending communities, as well as Wisconsin consumers, by establishing defined, accurate rates. We welcome any questions or concerns you may have and encourage you to contact Langlade Abstract and Title Co. Inc. at 715-623-4770 should you need further information or clarification on the new rates.

For Lenders, the cost of title insurance for refinance policies, for all residential loans up to $500,000, will be the same. Our staff will be available to explain the two options:

  • Full search $475
  • Expedited search $325
  • Over $500,000 Add $1 per thousand

Expedited search refinances do not include a search of easements and restrictions and must include a general exception, provided by the Insurer, for such matters as:

  • (1) Covenants, conditions, restrictions, easements, servitudes, reservations for minerals or mineral rights, if any, affecting title to the Land, which: (a) appear in or are referenced in the public land records, or (b) appear in, are shown on, or are referenced in any recorded plat or certified survey map.
  • (2) Any private assessments for association dues or otherwise.
  • (3) This Commitment was prepared for a lenders policy only.  If an owner’s policy is requested, additional charges may be incurred and exceptions may be raised.  Please contact the examiner for further information.

Full search refinances include a search of easement and restrictions.

The qualifications, and what these policies provide, needs to be discussed to assure that the policy matches your requirements. Please 
contact us to assure the qualifications and provisions are met. Thank you.

602 Lincoln St, Antigo, WI 54409         715-623-4770

602 Lincoln St., Antigo, WI 54409         715-623-4770

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